How can I optimize ESET Gateway Security to prevent video streaming issues?

KB Solution ID: SOLN2589|Last Revised: January 04, 2011

In certain configurations, you may experience problems with video streaming on your network. For example, your media player may not be able to fill its video buffer, causing lags or synchronization issues during your video conferences. If you encounter these or similar symptoms, we recommend you add a scanning exception for the problematic streaming address to the http directory of the ESETS configuration directory. If you wish to exclude a streaming address from scanning, please use the following instructions:

  1. Append the streaming address you wish to exclude from scanning to the whitelist_url file. To add an exception, replace the streaming address example in the following command by the address you wish to exclude and run the command:

    echo "*" >> /etc/esets/http/whitelist_url
  2. To finalize adding/removing URL addresses, you must restart the ESETS daemon. Use the following command to execute an immediate restart:

    /etc/init.d/esets_daemon restart

For more information, please use the following command to read the esets_http man page:

man esets_http


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