ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security version 5.2 has been released

News ID: NEWS183|Last Revised: May 16, 2012

Version 5.2.9 for ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security is available to download.

This build contains several new features, enhancements and bugfixes. This upgrade is free for customers with a valid Windows ESET Home Edition security product license. For instructions on upgrading to the latest version of your version 5 Windows ESET security product, visit the following ESET Knowledgebase article:


  • Enhancement: Added information about needing to switch SSL filtering ON when filtering HTTPs sites in Parental Control setup screen
  • Enhancement: Several enhancements within Parental Control Setup and management
  • Enhancement: Administrator of Parental Control can choose the role of a Windows Account by entering a person‘s age configuring Parental Control
  • Enhancement: Information about not filtering Parental Control added to the Home Screen
  • Enhancement: Added Statistics of Scanned Files in the Home Screen
  • Enhancement: Added more information about running processes reputation from ESET Live Grid
  • Support: Able to activate product using proxy server
  • Support: Ability to use the activation keys in product to renew
  • Added: Ability to prioritize web page exceptions within Parental Control by Windows user account
  • Added: Settings for Removable Media blocking and Antirootkit (Antistealth) are located in the main GUI under Setup
  • Fix: Network profile dialog window popping up repeatedly
  • Fix: Graphical enhancement fixing shadowing of the pull-down quick menu
  • Fix: Issues detecting emails in Windows Live Mail 2011
  • Fix: GUI opens in a large window
  • Fix: Advanced scanning options are not working in Computer Scan
  • Fix: Irrelevant notification bubble is being shown when no action is required
  • Fix: Issues with stopping of ESET service during installation
  • Fix: Runtime error with HP Protect Tools, causing ESET GUI crash
  • Fix: Removable media blocking does not block devices for some Windows Accounts
  • Fix: Some pages with certain categories were not categorized properly by Parental Control feature
  • Fix: Files are still scanned by Real-time file system protection after disabling it
  • Fix: Issues with importing Antispam global lists from ESET Smart Security version 4 to ESET Smart Security version 5
  • Fix: ESET GUI crashes under some circumstances while editing ESET Firewall profiles
  • Fix: Schedule update task cannot be started from main menu in SysRescue User Interface
  • Fix: Crashing of ESET GUI under some circumstances
  • Fix: Wrong tooltips within Antispam dialog windows
  • Fix: Activated product displays that it is not activated
  • Fix: Parental Control still enabled in User Interface after Firewall is disabled
  • Fix: IMAPS, POP3S checking of protocols and ports for selected applications does not work correctly
  • Fix: Notification window about disabling some type of protection is not displayed if some other protection is already disabled
  • Fix: Inconsistent status for updated virus signature database within main program window
  • Fix: Scheduled scan and other planned tasks can be started from non-administrator user accounts
  • Fix: Issues with management of web page filtering exceptions for Parental Control
  • Fix: SSL filtering in Chrome does not work in some circumstances
  • Fix: HIPS rule displays "User Rules File Contains Invalid Data"
  • Fix: USB HDD freezes system on Windows XP


Product/Beta Release