ESET Server Security v4.0.8 for BSD/Linux/Solaris released

News ID: NEWS178|Last Revised: April 12, 2012

ESET File/Mail/Gateway Security for Linux Servers BSD/Linux/Solaris version 4.0.8 has been released.  This release contains three components:

ESET File Security – protects file servers from malware (formerly known as NOD32 for Linux File Servers)
ESET Mail Security – protects mail servers from malware (formerly known as NOD32 for Linux Mail Servers)
ESET Gateway Security – checks http and ftp streams for malware

One binary file will perform any combination of these features based on appropriate licensing. All programs have a web interface for management and can be managed with ESET Remote Administrator 4.x.


  • Added: Support for the new multi-license files
  • Fix: Various issues with ESET Remote Administrator V5 configuration editor
  • Fix: Wording inconsistencies between WWWi, ESET Remote Administrator and Console of the product
  • Fix: Problem with procmail detection on Solaris 10
  • Fix: Problem with application not staring when no ESET Username or Password is entered
  • Fix: Problem with WWWi start on Debian and Ubuntu systems
  • Fix: Problem with not appending antispam result header to scanned messages on Sun Solaris 10

Please visit this ESET Knowledgebase article for updated system requirements. Most notably, ESET Server Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris v4.x has ended support for FreeBSD version 5.x. However, FreeBSD version 8.x is now supported (32-bit only).

For more information or to download a copy, please visit ESET's Business page, or contact your local distributor or reseller.

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