ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server v4.3.12 has been released

News ID: NEWS174|Last Revised: February 29, 2012

ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server version 4.3.12017.0 has been released and is available to download.

Changelog for version 4.3.12017.0:

  • Added: Exclusions for ESET Remote Administrator Server
  • Added: New WHQL signed resident protection driver with fixed problems causing BSODs on 64-bit operating systems
  • Added: New language versions (CSY, DEU, ESN, ESL, RUS, FRA, PLK, NLD, PTB, CHS, CHT, FRC, JPN)
  • Added: Compatibility list in the installer
  • Added: New graphics
  • Added: Automatic exclusions for IBM Lotus Domino
  • Fix: Problem with blocked files during reinstallation
  • Fix: Problem with repetitive log entries caused by automatic exclusions
  • Fix: Problem with license deleting via eShell
  • Fix: Problem with wrong tooltip display in Updater
  • Fix: Problem with scheduler settings via eShell
  • Fix: Problem with deadlock in automatic exclusions
  • Fix: Problem with uninstallation
  • Fix: Problem with automatic exclusions of IIS
  • Fix: Problem with freezes after connecting the USB HDD on Windows 2003 Server machines
  • Fix: Problem with GUI freezing when displaying log files
  • Fix: Problem with installer checking for installation being run with administrator privileges

This build includes compatibility with the new generation of ESET Remote Administrator 5, currently in Beta. Visit the ESET Beta page for more information.

Licensed users may download the updated version from the ESET Download center or for further information, please contact your local reseller, distributor or ESET office.

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